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BitGrail was the fifth most popular exchange for XRB trading according to Coinmarketcap, however the volume has now been amended to zero. However, conflicting reports are surfacing with some believing the exchange to be insolvent for a number of months. Events Calendar. A full list of crypto & blockchain events from around the world. With assets frozen, it’s also pretty evident bankruptcy. AdOver 90,000 Cars for Sale in Australia. Bitgrail claims it was hacked last week of 17 million customers owned Nano Tokens equal on the day to about $195 Million dollars. Welcome to Crypto Daily News, this news piece “Bitgrail Release Insolvency Statement” is breaking news from the Crypto sector. The Cryptocurrency was known as RaiBlocks (XRB) before rebranding at the end of January 2018. The bad news for investors is that BitGrail may not be able to refund all the lost digital currency. Nano may be a relatively little-known cryptocurrency, but even after news of the BitGrail loss pushed its price down, the total value of outstanding tokens exceeds $1 billion. Popular cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail has reported a loss of 17 million Nano, valued at over $170 million at the time of the hack. See our CarsGuide car of the year award winners and finalists. Four days later, the exchange updated its KYC policy to apply to withdrawals of any size. The hacked cryptocurrency exchange that was shut down due to a hack in February has now seen its wallets being seized by a Federal court of Italy as part of preliminary bankruptcy proceedings.

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  • BitGrail Cryptocurrency Exchange Claims 195 Million Lost
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Investors of Bitgrail have suffered yet another setback, following announcements that the Italian courts have seized the assets of the embattled cryptocurrency exchange as the firm’s bankruptcy proceedings continue. BitGrail wants to operate in a transparent and legal manner first and foremost. Applications. The hand rail is going a little faster than the moving… Windows Phone. As you may already know, we reported also some days ago the Scandal that happened when the CEO announced that all XRB positions would be …. A Telegram group for victims of the recent BitGrail hack has revealed that the exchange does not consider itself to be responsible for the theft or obligated to return the stolen money. News; Mobile. All Android Applications Iphone Windows Phone. BitGrail is an Italian exchange that offers solely coin-to-coin trading with a focus on RaiBlocks (XRB). Android L Will Keep Your Secrets Safer. Android. Audio Tour App Detour Steers You Away from the Typical Tourist… Windows Phone. As a percentage of total XRB supply, the Bitgrail hack is worse than Mt. Gox. Does this compromise the Nano blockchain, and is it still a good buy? See Photos, Specs & Reviews @ Carsguide. Details of the hack remain unclear, and the lack of clarity has resulted in independent investigations and the formation of theories as to what caused the hack by various.

170 Million Mistake: BitGrail May Have Been Aware of Bug

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Cryptocurrencies are often criticised for lacking intrinsic value, and …. Francesco Firano, the founder of hacked Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, has been sentenced to return as many stolen assets to customers as possible. BitGrail. BitGrail’s primary purpose was to act as an exchange that facilitates the trading of the digital currency XRB. This exchange has been offline for a few weeks, and many had feared the worst. Dear users, this announcement is gonna focus on some points, with the aim to clarify them. 1. BitGrail is an S.r.l. This is a further step. Some users of the BitGrail exchange are still reeling from the loss of millions of dollars’ worth of Nano tokens (XRB). Bitgrail posted a statement on its website later that day in order to explain the reason for the abrupt shutdown, which they “don’t agree with”: “This morning, following the re-opening, we. BitGrail management pointing the finger at Nano, and saying it was a double spend problem with the software. The Kucoin exchange also said that it had experienced similar problems with Nano. The. BitGrail, the Italy-based cryptocurrency exchange that experienced a theft of 17 million NANO (XRB) – about $153 million at current exchange rates, has posted an update today regarding the hack. So, traditional currencies like USD and EUR are not accepted at BitGrail and as is the case with most similar exchanges, no there is no margin trading. Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail announced it lost 17 million Nano cryptocurrency (XRB, formerly known as RaiBlocks), currently worth over $170 million. Shady cryptocurrency exchange desk BitGrail has vowed to refund users for $195M worth of stolen Nano coins – but not without asking users to sign away their legal rights. However it has prepared a plan to reimburse customers “voluntarily”. The information comes by way of a. Bitgrail was one of the main portals for trading the Nano token, previously known as RaiBlocks. Crypto News Australia is an independent publication where you can find the latest Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News. Crypto enthusiasts can personalise their news experience on our website to save time and get up to speed quick on important crypto currency news from Australia and Worldwide. The latest Tweets from Francesco The Bomber (@bomberfrancy): “Oggi sono stati trasferiti anche i NANO dagli address BitGrail a quelli del Tribunale di Firenze. I have to begin this with a disclaimer, in the interest of being as neutral as possible. Breaking the cardinal rule of cryptocurrency trading: Do not keep funds in exchange wallets, I currently have a considerable amount of bitcoin that was converted from XRB-RaiBlocks (now rebranded as Nano), stuck in a terminated BitGrail account. What’s. Italian gov’t confiscates Bitgrail’s crypto assets. Bitgrail bad news. Two hours ago it was published on Bitgrail website that 17 million worth of Nano coins were hacked. BitGrail was subject of a major hacking in February, where approximately $140 million worth of NANO was stolen. Having re-opened yesterday, the exchange was ordered to close by a court in Florence only 3 hours after it had re-opened. The. Finally, BitGrail stopped processing XRB withdrawals altogether on Jan. 8, citing internal maintenance. If you have Telegram, you can view and join BitGrail right away. On Friday, the site posted a notice to users informing them that hackers had made off with 17. And the coins were worth 187 million USD at the time the exchange has managed to discover the theft. BitGrail’s bad luck streak continues with the latest hurdle it must overcome being one with legal ramifications. Earlier this month, the Court of Florence seized all the bitcoins that were stored in the wallets of the Italy-based crypto exchange. Embattled cryptocurrency exchange, Bitgrail, announced ongoing bankruptcy proceedings in Italy have turned full force, as the court seized the exchange’s bitcoin wallets. Bitgrail operators were dealt what appears to be a rather definitive blow by an Italian court upholding an initial halt earlier this month. For those who have not been keeping tabs on the news, the Italian BitGrail exchange claims it lost US$170 million worth of the Nano currency due to a hack. Italian BitGrail is the second cryptocurrency exchange to fold into the hands of hackers this year, losing $170 million worth of Nano tokens. With a market valuation today of $10 per XRB, the to, al loss is estimated to be $170m. On February 9th, the Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail released a public statement that it was rendered insolvent …. In February of last year, the Bitgrail cryptocurrency exchange suddenly reported that about $187 million worth of Nano the exchange was holding for investors magically disappeared. READ Cardano Price Analysis – Solid Jump To Extend Propelled By Good News. In the ensuing weeks, an …. The news today from a bankruptcy court in Italy is that Francesco Firano, the owner and founder of BitGrail, an Italian crypto exchange that was hacked, was ordered by the judge to return the stolen assets to his customers. Bitgrail Nano to Match $1M in Legal Fund Donations to Support BitGrail Hack Victims The Nano Foundation is launching a legal fund to support victims who lost funds due to the hack and pledges to match up to $1 million in donations. A job well done it seems. But BitGrail drama continues. Fury has mounted in the Nano community after the exchange operator of BitGrail surreptitiously instituted KYC (“Know Your Customer”) measures without forewarning, and then froze countless users XRB. It happened last week with Coincheck, the Japanese. Bitgrail was hacked to the tune of 17 million XRB, which is just over $170 Million USD. This news is positive for the company, but its user base isn’t too happy with the new requirement. A few weeks ago, Bitgrail announced that it will be suspending all XRB withdrawals for its non-EU customers, effective immediately. According to the Florence-based exchange, this move is in compliance with the recent KYC-policies, which has been rather stringent lately. NANO, which was still known as Raiblocks at that time,…. A war of words has broken out between a little-known Italian crypto-currency exchange and the development team of the Nano currency over a suspected theft of around $170m. Wind and solar power are even more expensive than is commonly… Gadgets. Gadgets. How to drive growth through. 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