Gold Backed Currency Announcement 2019

Iran Announces Gold Backed National Cryptocurrency – Asia

No significant currency is formally backed by gold or anything else physical today, though all the central banks hold some. As the reset was activated various bankers across the globe tried to skim the system. Malaysia Proposes Common Asian Gold-Backed Currency Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad took one large step in that direction when he proposed the launch of… Continue reading. That means your savings can lose its value like In fact, nothing does. With the first planned emission in 2019 it will be the first. As we kickoff the new year, the biggest surprise will be that China is going to replace the dollar with a gold-backed currency in 2018. Trump indicated in a Jan. 29 tweet that our global economy was already gold backed. Physical gold and silver is the ultimate form of wealth preservation as well as insurance against the economic and financial calamities that the world will experience in coming years. LONDON — Today Kinesis Money announces the initiation of its U.K. and E.U. debit card program with Contis Group, the award-winning platform as a service that provides end-to-end banking and payments solutions. This comes less than a week after President Trump slammed virtual currencies on Twitter amid tensions between the historic foes. Since then, the dollar has been a pure fiat currency, allowing the Fed to print as many dollars as it pleases. Dr Mahathir Mohamad believes that a single sound currency in East Asian would help protect economies from manipulation caused by Forex traders. There is a fixed number of OGCs and digital transaction fees (minus admin costs) will be reinvested to buy more gold.

While the citizens of China are being taught by their government to protect their wealth from a currency crisis with gold and silver, We’re Being Herded Into Digital Pens …. The Tehran News agency has reported that Iran intends to launch a gold-backed cryptocurrency. November 28, 2016. The Event Chronicle. 243 views. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. As we kickoff trading in the month of June, today a legend in the business sent King World News a powerful piece stating that gold will soar as China moves to a gold-backed currency. The dollar will continue to devalue against gold at a rapid rate. The sources have done their own fact checking and they. That means your savings can lose its value like that. Government is building diamond and gold reserves to back the local currency upon its re-introduction in future, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said. There already is a gold-backed crypto-currency with a solid business plan and a really rigorous audit trail. It’s DGX 2.0 the produce of the Digix DAO (DGD) people in Singapore. The reserve currency is a convertible foreign currency or a commodity chosen for its expected stability. The country has a thriving economy that has been growing at a rapid pace for the past several years and now is making serious efforts to strengthen its monetary system.

Gold Backed Currency Announcement 2019
Trump and a New Gold-Backed Dollar BMG

Trump Declares Gold backed Currency / Global Reset Sooner

Gold Backed Currency Announcement 2019
Malaysian Prime Minister Proposes Gold-Backed Currency

The BRICS nations have discussed their own currency to compete with the US dollar, while others have devised an end to the US-based SWIFT system of bank transfers. Gold backed dollar or currencies tomorrow. A banking instrument recognized by the Governments of the world could be created secured by gold in 16 psyche. Company Announcement Tuesday, June 4, 2019. Malaysia, well, at least its northern state of Kelantan, is putting the Islamic gold dinar and silver dirham into circulation as legal tender. Submitted by Nick Giambruno via, On August 15, 1971, President Nixon killed the last remnants of the gold standard. Per international treaty and domestic law, the gold backed USN is now considered the lone sovereign currency of the land and may be released globally across tiers of the Asian controlled financial system. The gold prices used in this table and chart are supplied by BullionDesk. Where the gold price is presented in currencies other than the US dollar, it is converted into the local currency unit using the foreign exchange rate at the time (or as close to as possible). It is a new currency known as OneGram (OGC) backed by one gram of gold and can be used for digital payments. According to the managers, “the amount of gold backing each OGC will increase with time.”. When Kennedy tried to do that, he had a bad day in Dallas. Yes, the gold price in dollars depends a lot more on the number of dollars than on the “value” of gold. If Russia and China establish a 100 percent gold-backed currency, it inevitably changes the game in the West. It is being billed as a “new currency” known as OneGram (OGC) which is said to be backed by one gram of gold and can be used for digital payments. The company claims there is a fixed number of OGCs and digital transaction fees (minus admin costs) will be reinvested to buy more gold. New Currency for The United States Republic – Backed by Gold – Ready for Distribution. The real biggie that came from two separate Pentagon sources is that the US government is about to announce new Treasury dollars for use in North America. This is certainly a game changer, ” said. There is something intuitively appealing about the idea of a gold-backed currency – money backed by the tangible value of. Federal Reserve to New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset. The Global Currency Reset is a complicated process about a global reset of currencies, removal of the Khazarian mafia and restoration of the US Republic and the original US Constitution. I’ve seen a lot of business plans and audit reports in my long career as a financial type and DGD/DGX has by …. Beijing-China (Sept 21) Today a legend who was just asked by the Chinese government to give a speech to government officials in China told King World News that the Russians listened intently as the leader of a state owned Chinese company pushed for a gold backed yuan. His State of the Union Address would likely contain an official announcement of a new gold/asset-backed US Treasury Note. The partnership constitutes the listing of Digix Gold Token (“DGX”) on Tokenize Xchange and it signifies the start of tokenising tangible assets in first, Singapore, then the. Within minutes, all were caught and dealt with. January 7 (King World News) – Dr. Stephen Leeb: “The year 2017 was full of sound and fury. It is also related to the announcement on April 9th that Japan would be issuing new currency starting in 2024, the sources say. These moves all began to be implemented in March 2019 after Cardinal George Pell, the head of the Vatican Bank, was found guilty of molesting young boys, …. Papua, New Guinea, home to some of the world’s largest gold …. Prior to the announcement of the state backed cryptocurrency, Iran’s CBI banned all private cryptocurrencies and any crypto related businesses in the country. However, there is a lack of clarity. For reserves, such a currency board holds low-risk, interest-earning securities and other. The Chinese have announced the launch of a gold-backed, yuan-denominated oil futures contract. All larger notes of revamping currencies were due off the street on that day. The gold-backed currency would not be used within any one country, but would help protect regional trading from predatory speculators – and from the vicissitudes of the dollar, which he said unfairly held the rest of the world hostage. It is even in the Constitution, which states that the CONGRESS shall control the currency; and Article I Section 10 says that “…no State shall make any Thing but gold and silver coin a Tender in payments…” so silver or gold-backed paper is an implied REQUIREMENT as a legal currency under the Constitution. Russia has been buying between 15 and 25 metric tonnes per month, sometimes more, for over 10 years. June 1, 2019 2265 Dollar Dominance May End Sooner Than Expected With Gold-Backed Digital Currency Jim Rickards says US dollar dominance is under multiple, converging threats, …. Because gold — something with a solid, 5,000 year history of value — doesn’t back your currency. Golden Currency is the name of the project of issuing and developing golden, the first fully functional private currency for cash and non-cash payments (100% backed by gold), as well as a convenient modern infrastructure for its use based on blockchain.