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Trading with leverage in a highly volatile environment is a high risk endeavour that could. The account is part of a larger trend, where people leverage the open nature of …. It is set up in Seychelles.” Not only Arthur, but the company’s headquarter firm was also never seen active after July 15. Calculate your likeliness of getting Rekt on Bitmex. Bitmex liquidation bot that immortalises those that have blown their margins.:] by cnts. Rekto delivers a live tape of all BitMEX liquidations to give a trader an unprecendented perspective on market liquidations. 24 hour summary stats quickly give serious traders a quantitative data point to judge the total level of market stress. Literally every BitMex coin has broken down from support. I decided to create this guide as I found the whole BitMEX and margin trading process to be daunting and very confusing when I first started. BitMEX is a crypto derivatives exchange that uses high leverage and margin trading and is open to many non-U.S. citizens. They have been the highest volume exchange in the 2018 bear market. The figure dropped to near 173,000 BTC by July 26, indicating the exchange processed large withdrawals in …. Immortalising those that have blown their margins. Common mistake is setting Stop Loss Order so close to the Liquidation Price. That place is like a black hole for bitcoin.

BitMex Liquidations – Longs vs Shorts

Bitmex Calculators and why/how to use them. Of course, this thing is not regulated anywhere. It is set up in Seychelles.”. Glad to see that someone is finally investigating them. That …. I hope that this document can help people successfully trade and make profits on the BitMEX exchange, but more importantly I wrote it to stop people getting REKT by margin trading. Bitmex doing excellent job in BTC price manipulation for their rekt and termination of open position to close in loss. This week has been a crazy one for every Bitcoin investor as well as an analyst. You are fully responsible for your own actions. We explain how to save a lot of BTC. There is a nice tweet called ‘BitMEX Rekt.’ […] Every other second somebody has been liquidated by these guys and thousands of them have gone into financial ruin. First and foremost – I am no way near a professional on Margin Trading. Getting Rekt. This first misconception about the ‘advanced’ trading interface Bitmex offers, is most probably intentional so that newbies, and even advanced traders alike – believe the setup is fair, and that they are just unlucky on that trade. BitMex saw a massive liquidation on shorts totalling $63.4 million as Bitcoin burst past $10,000 early Saturday morning, and saw an additional $23.65 million in shorts being liquidated following Bitcoin. So if Bitcoin is trading at $10,000 and you buy $10,000 worth of contracts you bought the equivalent of a single Bitcoin. Enthusiastic traders are not the only ones who get liquidated on BitMEX. Get REKT a few times with $1 deposit, observe BitMEX trader’s behavior – where they set stop loss, talk with people on troll box, check all functions of the platform read our full Bitmex ….

The latest Tweets from REKT (@BitmexRekt). Not affiliated with the “REKT” bot in Bitmex …. Most people using Bitmex have absolutely no idea what they are doing and getting into, far too many comments and observations I have seen tell me that the average Bitmex user is likely to get Rekt as denoted in this article/quiz. I must admit that even I have several times been BitMEX Rekt. Hi Everyone, Well, it finally happened… This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s been watching the space. AdTrade and Leverage Currenct Based On The Volatile Markets with up to 100x. If you have Telegram, you can view and join BitMEX liquidations (REKT) right away. Hi Guys, So right before trading opened I cancelled my order, actually spammed it to close. The order cancelled dialog popped up, and the price. While the clickbait-ish title of this post (yes, I admit that) is meant to be quite funny, though the topic of this post is quite serious. BitMEX @BitMEXdotcom #BitMEX is a next generation crypto-coin trading platform, which supports highly leveraged trading via perpetual and fixed-date contracts. Effective 14 July 2019 at 21:00 UTC, BitMEX will temporarily remove Kraken from its indices in response to Kraken’s scheduled downtime. This scheduled downtime is expected to last for 3-8 hours and will affect the 7 BitMEX indices as detailed in the blog post. BitMEX Research is a new initiative that aims to produce best-in-breed articles about the cryptocurrency space, including new projects, events, and market analysis. From tomorrow and until the meeting on July 31st, they will not speak publicly about monetary policy. Analysts believe this present uptrend will usher bitcoin into a massive bull run that will eventually see bitcoin in the $11k zone. Anti-Rekt is not, under any circumstances, liable nor responsible for any financial losses or gains incurred whilst using the application. Anti-Rekt is not affiliated with Bitmex. Anti-Rekt is not responsible nor liable for any connectivity or API issues. The bitcoin futures trading exchange demolished Facebook in an op-ed by BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes and a “research” article that shows how its upcoming cryptocurrency is really a traditional financial instrument in disguise. The tech age is great until they do stuff like this and you can’t talk to …. New traders and investors learn quickly that markets don’t always go up and to the right. BitMEX rekts, short squeezes and long liquidations can have a big impact on prices and sentiment, and the best traders pay attention to those events. You see none of that margin ever again. Shorts Worth $68MM Get Rekt on BitMEX as Bitcoin Gets PumpedBitcoin has been increasing in price over the past 2 days. Bitmex are very clever, they say the made for advance traders but behind some game for earning money already planned on day 14-11-18 to 15-11-18.They have Rekt Long 881 Million Dollar by quick price down that was more than 4 times Rekt previous 28 days and they hardly done any short Rekt. TradingView. Sign In. Ticker Trading Ideas Educational Ideas Scripts People. Does the CFTC’s investigation have a negative impact on the crypto market. BitMex shorts saw plenty of bloodshed as Bitcoin climbed past $10,000, and continues to liquidate shorts as the price climbs to new 2019 highs. If you ever reach this liquidation level then BitMEX will take the Maintenance Margin that you have staked and close out your position. Moving price down is so fast you can’t believe. Bitmex doesn’t take fiat but it let’s you go long or short on Bitcoin through a clever hack. It sets each of its contracts at $1 USD. The figure dropped to near 173,000 BTC by July 26, indicating the exchange processed large withdrawals in the said period. After a week of insane volatility in the crypto markets, with Bitcoin price rising and falling in the thousands, and swinging back and forth over the better course of the week, the first ever crypto asset has been stuck in a tight trading range over the last 24 hours, and a break to either side […]. We have seen the “W” trend in the charts of Bitcoin trading prices, and recently another dip occurred that took the whole crypto world by a storm. Just an hour ago, Bitcoin came down crashing from $10200 to […]. Connect with us. News. Crypto Videos; Altcoin News; Litecoin News; Bitcoin News.